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Should Your Business Make Its Own Cryptocurrency?

Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, and Emercoin, all of which operate on a different blockchain. If you want to make your own coins, you need to first create your own blockchain. All of the above information makes companies see the benefits of blockchain and makes them think about how to create a cryptocurrency. The answer is yes you can, especially if you take the tips we’ve provided you with.

So, you want to create a cryptocurrency, but where do you start? How will cryptocurrency development help your business? Only after answering these questions can you get started. Hopefully, you now have a better grasp of cryptocurrencies and how they work. However, to make an informed decision about the development of cryptocurrency, it’s best to know the pros and cons of the endeavor.


Mining is an integral process that not only creates the currency but also, adds records of past transactions to the distributed ledger known as blockchain. The use of blockchain and cryptography enables security in the environment and makes it robust in nature. Since, cryptocurrencies are designed using a peer-to-peer system, they aren’t centrally owned by anyone.

how do you make your own cryptocurrency

Intentional malicious activity can be external in origin or from team members. Besides cybercrime, various factors can lead to the complete bankruptcy of a crypto exchange. Simply put, a cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that allows buying, selling, and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies. The core principles of such products are advanced security, transparency, and enhanced transaction speed. The more reliable, fast, and convenient your platform, the larger audience it will captivate and hold.

Common Misconceptions about Crypto Tokens

Bitcoin’s “A P2P Cash Electronic System” whitepaper bible is mandatory reading for all cryptocurrency founders. Whitepapers should also provide insight into the crypto’s tokenomics and roadmap. They should be easy to understand and offer technical explanations of the project’s competence.

  • In fact, it’s a good idea to compose a comprehensive white paper that describes your idea and all project aspects.
  • Whether you are hoping to eventually join these ranks or simply facilitate payments for your clients — learning how to create your own new cryptocurrency is essential.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are performed at high speed, with low fees and high reliability, so they’re a cool choice for Internet payments.
  • Tokens are using the so-called smart contracts and often work in conjunction with blockchain-based applications.
  • The general range is anywhere between $5,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission, as you don’t want to accidentally violate any federal securities laws.

In terms of blockchain structure, you must consider the size of your blocks. Generally, a larger block size gives way to faster transaction times and can even reduce fees. You’ll also need to determine whether you want a public or private blockchain.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency: Step-by-Step Guide

You can download the full source code to this tutorial from github here. Before we start building the ERC-20 token and crowd sale, I’ll answer a few questions first. With some XEM in our account we can create a Namespace and a Mosaic. Think of a Namespace like having your own domain on the blockchain.

how do you make your own cryptocurrency

Softermii can take over the development of a turnkey exchanger project and carry out all the work from creating a design to testing the final version of the platform. The Softermii team provided full-cycle development, UI/UX design, and marketing solutions for this project. Cryptocurrency exchange web application development estimated cost is in the range between $130,000 and $162,000. For a cryptocurrency exchanger’s successful operation, you should attract many buying and selling customers.

Web Application Development

If people can’t understand what your project is trying to achieve, they’re not going to invest in it. After obtaining it, seek professional legal and auditing guidance. It will ensure that you do not break any rules, for example, copyright. Also, to make it viable to users, you need a unique value proposition.

how do you make your own cryptocurrency

Once the blockchain runs in a live environment, it’s extremely difficult to change its core concepts and rules. Make use of a testnet to ensure that everything works as planned and ideally cooperate with a whole development team to build your blockchain. Private, public, permissioned, or permissionless blockchain is important. Your blockchain architecture will depend on what your coin and project are attempting to do.

Step 6: Design The Interface

I would be interested to now how this has ended up for you. I believe now you are ready to create your own cryptocurrency. Without wasting any time let’s get straight to the step-by-step process to create and launch your own cryptocurrency. You can buy loyalty points using coins, but you can not get real money using loyalty points. So a crypto coin can be used to buy a business’s token, but you can’t buy a crypto coin using a token.

Disadvantages of digital coins

The asynchronous architecture is better suited for highly scalable systems. In a nutshell, asynchronous microservices involve many separate layers that pass their own requests. The requests are served individually on multiple queues running as separate services. In so-called modular systems, each component is located on a separate server. As a result, you can achieve higher throughput, system efficiency, and customer requests fulfillment.

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